Student Dress Code

CCS’s dress code is intended to help our students dress modestly, according to traditional Christian standards. All students, parents and teachers must fully accept the dress code and must cooperate to maintain and enforce it. The administration has tried to be as specific as possible. However, if you are in doubt about the appropriateness of a particular style of clothing, please contact the school office before sending your child to school.

Cornerstone Christian School does not have uniforms for students; however, CCS has established the following dress standards:
1.   All clothing should be neat, clean and in good repair. No holes or cuts in clothing.
2.   No bike shorts, frayed or cut-off clothing.
3.   Dresses, shirts and tops must cover entire shoulder and extend below the waist. Visible cleavage and bare midriffs are not allowed.
4.   Dresses, skirts and shorts must extend a minimum one inch past fingertips.
5.   No clothing is allowed which display anti-Christian symbols or writing; or Halloween images.
6.   No clothing is allowed which display insignias, writing, or pictures which are sexually suggestive or promote secular music groups, alcohol, tobacco,
      controlled substances, or gang lettering.
7.   No clothing is allowed which convey profane, offensive language or illustrations.
8.   Hats may be worn outside only. Hats must be worn with the bill either facing the front or back of the student’s head.
9.   No sagging pants, exposing underwear; No tight pants; no Net or see-through shirts, or open sided shirts.
10. Personal grooming: hair must be neatly trimmed; no hair color of unnatural color, no tattoos; Piercing of body parts is not acceptable other than pierced ears
      Excessive make up and extreme hairstyles are not to be worn to class or school activities.

Cornerstone Christian School reserves the right to prohibit any clothing, hair style, cosmetics, or jewelry whether specifically mentioned in the guidelines or not, which seems to be immodest or at all inappropriate. Students who attend official school activities during/after school hours and on/off campus must dress themselves in a manner consistent with CCS standards.

Spirit and Pride Dress Code
Throughout the school year, CCS has designated special days for theme related apparel or dress-up days. Please see school calendar for specific days and themes. Field Trip Dress Code For field trips students are required to wear their CCS T-shirts. These may be purchased in the school office.

Physical Education Dress Code
Students in Kindergarten – Fourth grade should wear clothing conducive of running, bending, jumping and playing. We recommend loose fitting, comfortable clothing to be worn on P.E. days. All Students are required to wear lace-up tennis shoes for P.E.

• Tennis shoes. All tennis shoes must have shoelaces that are conservative and tied at all times. Shoes with skate wheels are not permitted.
• Sandals (must have back strap)
• Girls may wear Mary Janes (Upper elementary girls may wear a dress shoe with a conservative heel) Hair Styles / Make-up Excessive make up and extreme hairstyles are not to be worn to classes or school activities. Hair is to be neatly trimmed. Coloring or bleaching of the hair is not acceptable. No hair color of unnatural color.  

Jewelry / Piercings / Tattoos
• All jewelry must be conservative.
• Excessive jewelry may not be worn to school or school activities. Jewelry should not distract or hinder learning in any way.
• Piercing of body parts other than pierced ears (Girls only) is not acceptable. No dangling or hoop earrings.
• Guaging of ears is prohibited.
• No tattoos (permanent or temporary)