iPads in the Classroom

Cornerstone Christian School introduced the use of iPads in the classroom in 2015.

Our world belongs to God. Technolgy resources are powerful tools, and partnered with skillful teachers, can be used to prepare students to be effective servants of Christ in a contemporary society. CCS is committed to the use of technology to meet this goal.

We're committed to providing our students with tools and opportunities that will help them thrive in a digital future. CCS will be introducing iPads in our classrooms in August 2015 and will continue to expand our iPad Program over the next few years. While we know that nothing can replace the instruction of our qualified teachers, we are excited to use iPads in the classroom to enrich the learning experience and provide increased opportunities for student engagement and interaction.

All grades (K-4th) has access to a mobile iPad cart that rotates between classrooms, giving teachers and students the opportunity to use iPads to enhance specific lessons.