Discover Cornerstone Kindergarten

The BIG DAY will be here very soon - your child's first day of Kindergarten. Thank for considering Cornerstone Christian Preschool for your child's educational experience. We are very excited about the upcoming year at Cornerstone. This will be a time in your child's life when they will learn and develop many foundational skills needed to be successful. 

Our small class sizes enable our qualified teaches to provide individual attention to our students. Along with challenging curriculum, this encourages our students to perform at their highest level. Our students score 86% higher than the national norms on standardized tests in Reading, Language, and Math. 

Admission Requirements


Children entering Kindergarten must be five years of age by September 1 to enroll. The child's Birth Certificate must be submitted at the time of enrollment, along with registration forms and non-refundable registration fee in order to secure a place in the class. 


Every Kindergarten student is required by the California State Department of Health to have their immunization record on file
in the school office. California law requires every student to be immunized against 10 diseases: diphtheria, haemophilus
influenza type B (bacterial meningitis), measles, mumps,
pertussis (whooping cough, polio, rubella, tetanus,
hepatitis B and chicken pox. 


To protect the health of all children, California law requires a health examination before school entry. Therefore, every Kindergarten student must submit a Report of Health Examination for School Entry filled out by a health examiner to the school office before the first day of school.